• EcoLogic Premium Starch Cutlery

    EcoLogic Premium Starch Cutlery is poised to be the leading biobased utensil in the market today. Made from Plants Not Plastics we manufacture with 100% natural plant starches. Our cutlery is durable, functional, and heat tolerant to 220F. Many clients even wash and reuse due to their durability.

  • EcoLogic Compostable Hot cups

    Our compostable and sustainable cups are lined with domestically produced and 100% compostable IngeoTM biopolymer. Functional and Durable, EcoLogic Hot Cups are suitable for hot liquids and have an “extended life” biobased lining which avoids leakage issues of other cups.

  • EcoLogic Renewable Resource Cold Cups

    As durable and functional as conventional plastic cups, EcoLogic/IngeoTM Cold Cups are 100% Compostable and made with domestically produced corn. Designed with our signature Green Line image on each so you’re customers know their making a difference by choosing COMPOSTABLE”. Heat tolerant to 120oF. Compostable in less than 180 days.

  • EcoLogic Compostable Sugarcane  Plates

    Our Plates are made from 100% annually renewable materials and take up to 75% less energy to produce than styrofoam. EcoLogic Plates are strong, durable, leak resistant, hot food tolerant and sustainable. Available in several useful designs based upon user preference.

  • EcoLogic Compostable Clamshells & To-­Go Containers

    EcoLogic To-Go Clamshells are made from 100% natural sugarcane (bagasse) plant fibers.. Sugarcane Fibers are a readily renewable resource and upon further processing offer a sustainable alternative to plastics such as Styrofoam. More specifically, EcoLogic utilizes the leftover materials from sugarcane production (bagasse) and gives them new life as compostable and durable tableware, plates, and to-go containers.